Burger & Fries

Java Nakuru

Stopped by for lunch expecting better service than what I have been encountering from the Javas in Nairobi. Ordered for the coconut fish with rice and what I got after waiting 15minutes was a serving of fish that was less than a handful, ton of rice and a bit of salsa. Sigh! After asking what…

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Nova Café

This is a lovely coffee house I found in Eldoret town at a mall whose name I can’t recall. Its advert/sign is one of the first you spot when entering the town and I decided to have a looksee since the sign was attractive. The place did not disappoint. The ambience was pretty cool for…

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This is one of the best nyama choma (roast meat) places ever! And I usually try to pass by for some meat whenever I am travelling on the Nairobi-Nakuru highway. Kikopey is just a couple of kilometers from Nakuru town and it’s one of those roadside- multiple-barbecue joints in one venue commonly found in the…

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Curios at View Point

View Point

This is a stop-over for folks travelling on the Nairobi-Nakuru highway and not through the Maai Mahiu route (the View Point there is not as impressive view-wise). You can’t miss the place; lots of curio shops, the ‘view point’ itself and a restaurant.        From the View Point you are able to see…

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