Italian POW Church

On the Nairobi- Maai Mahiu highway, there is a small colonial looking church at the foot of one of the many hills that the road curves across. This church was built by the Italian POWs in Kenya during World War 2. I do not know the history behind its construction as it was empty when…

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Being a Local Tourist in Kisumu

Every time I visit Kisumu, I am either in transit or too busy to enjoy the sights and sounds. From what I have heard from my friends who have been there, the place has a unique vibe to it in terms of places to visit and its unique vibrant night life. So I made up…

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Hamdi Restaurant

The other day I got a lunch invite from one of my girlfriends to go eat Somali food at Hamdi. Being the foodie that I am I was game! Hamdi is in the Nairobi CBD, on Kaunda Street at Town House right behind 20th Century Plaza. The place is clean with lots of light and…

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