Peculiar Hotel Room Names

In Kakuma I noticed the most peculiar names written above some of the hotel room doors as I was looking for a place to stay (and believe me these places were not summer camps!). So I took pictures of some before some hotel staff curtly asked me to stop, and I had to because if…

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I have been quiet for a while and I apologize to all of you who have been giving me grief about not posting anything. Reason for the silence has been tons of work, travel and study related commitments, but I will be posting stuff from now on so no more silence Here are some pictures…

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No more good cake

This is regards to a blog post I made on this previous post. I went back to Valley Coffee Shake and their cakes have gone through a makeover like bad plastic surgery. They are no longer the moist, delicious pastries that they were, they have been replaced by some moisture deprived forms of pastries. The…

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Spoilt Giraffe!

I went to AFEW in Karen and encountered what I consider to be the most spoilt giraffes in the world! AFEW is a giraffe sanctuary located in Karen and it has a population of about 9 adult giraffes and two young ones (this may have changed since I was there) and the thing is they…

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