Total Motor Show 2015

This post comes a bit late- 2 weeks in fact after the event, but I had to put it up nonetheless! This year’s event was at KICC and it was quite well organised with some few hitches- the beautiful ladies manning most of the car stands did not know much about the specs of the…

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Esiankiki Night

I saw the event ad on social media and it was meant to be about ‘female empowerment and raising awareness against FGM’ plus I would finally get a chance to stuff myself with nyama choma and mnono while getting to learn about the Mr’s culture plus get all decked out in my cute Maasai dress…

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Safaricom Jazz Festival 2015

Yes I know this post is late, considering the event happened about two weekends ago at the Ngong Race Course. It was well planned in terms of the performance who were all worth all the hustle of getting there (traffic on Ngong road that day was the definition of abysmal and so getting there was…

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Tusker Air Show Festival

After a 10year hiatus, the Air Show Festival took place this past weekend and I had been looking forward to it ever since it was announced a few months back. The venue was the Wilson Airport in Langata and as you can imagine the traffic throughout the weekend on Langata Road was a nightmare because…

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Rwanda Cultural Day

I happened to spot a poster in one of the upscale malls in nairobi about this event and thought it would be interesting to go for considering how reasonable the entrance charges were Kshs 300 regular, Kshs 1,000 VIP and Kshs 100 for kids. I also thought it would be pretty cool to see what…

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Bizarre Bazar

Sunday afternoon found me taking a friend shopping at the Biz Baz in Karura forest. It previously used to be held in Karen and I think thanks to its popularity it got moved to a bigger space. It was well organized from having signs to the venue being put up all over Limmuru Road, heavy…

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The tiara

Miss Tourism Taita Taveta

It was held at the Voi Wildlife Lodge in Voi town and I must say it was pretty well organized for a first time event. The organizers went all out with the setup, the band, the bitings and one of the sponsors was Snapp so the cider was in abundance making it hard for me…

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