Ngong Hills Forest Sanctuary

The Ngong Hills Forest Sanctuary is a ten minute bumpy ride from Ngong town and it is worth the bumpy ride once you reach there. The Ngong Hills provide quite a view once you ignore the massive wind vanes all over the place (although in some way they have made the place look uniquely good).…

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Esiankiki Night

I saw the event ad on social media and it was meant to be about ‘female empowerment and raising awareness against FGM’ plus I would finally get a chance to stuff myself with nyama choma and mnono while getting to learn about the Mr’s culture plus get all decked out in my cute Maasai dress…

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Safaricom Jazz Festival 2015

Yes I know this post is late, considering the event happened about two weekends ago at the Ngong Race Course. It was well planned in terms of the performance who were all worth all the hustle of getting there (traffic on Ngong road that day was the definition of abysmal and so getting there was…

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Spoilt Giraffe!

I went to AFEW in Karen and encountered what I consider to be the most spoilt giraffes in the world! AFEW is a giraffe sanctuary located in Karen and it has a population of about 9 adult giraffes and two young ones (this may have changed since I was there) and the thing is they…

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Enough with this isht!

As a Nairobian, I am increasingly getting annoyed, irritated and pissed off by the insane and unnecessary high cost of living in this god forsaken city! Government as always is doing nothing for the people and as a result nothing ever works! Why this pisses me off? I pay taxes for everything these days- food,…

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Karura Forest Waterfall

A couple of days ago my friends and I went for a fun picnic at Karura Forest and after that a stroll through one of the trails to see the waterfall.   Karura Forest is one of the few beautiful public green spaces left in Nairobi, thanks to Environmentalist and Nobel Laureate Prof. Wangari Maathai’s…

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Kenyatta International Convention Center

Previously known as Kenyatta International Conference Center (and it still is in the minds of many Kenyans) and more popularly known as KICC, it is located in the CBD and is easily recognizable for those unfamiliar with the place, so getting there is easy- if you’re getting directions from someone or using Google Maps. The…

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Hamdi Restaurant

The other day I got a lunch invite from one of my girlfriends to go eat Somali food at Hamdi. Being the foodie that I am I was game! Hamdi is in the Nairobi CBD, on Kaunda Street at Town House right behind 20th Century Plaza. The place is clean with lots of light and…

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