Fly 540 Escapade

On the 31st of December 2014 11:00 am I was in Lokichiggio and was excited by the fact that I would be heading back to Nairobi that evening in time to spend the new year crossover with loved ones in an inebriated state somewhere load and fun. My flight was scheduled to leave Lodwar (which…

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Ethiopian Food at Kakuma

Some of the best Ethiopian food I have ever had was in Kakuma Refugee Camp. This is one of the largest refugee camps in Kenya- second to Daadab I think (I stand corrected on this). It is home to several nationalities such as Somali, Ethiopia, Uganda, Djibouti, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan and Congo and these…

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DSC_0199 (2)-001

Portcaeli Retreat

When you land at the Lodwar Airport, you will see a huge hill with something that will remind you of the Christ the Redeemer Statue in Brazil. This is because there is a huge statue of Jesus at the top of the hill. Upon inquiry I was told that it was a religious retreat center…

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Peculiar Hotel Room Names

In Kakuma I noticed the most peculiar names written above some of the hotel room doors as I was looking for a place to stay (and believe me these places were not summer camps!). So I took pictures of some before some hotel staff curtly asked me to stop, and I had to because if…

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I have been quiet for a while and I apologize to all of you who have been giving me grief about not posting anything. Reason for the silence has been tons of work, travel and study related commitments, but I will be posting stuff from now on so no more silence Here are some pictures…

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Maralal's Eco warriors

Maralal Part 2

The road headed to Maralal town is quite an adventure as I mentioned earlier in my Maralal Part 1 post. It takes people about 4hours to get to the town on a good day with public means from Rumuruti town. By private means using a 4×4 car it would take about 2and a half to…

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Camel roadblock

Maralal Part 1

One of the ways to get to Maralal town is through the Rumuruti-Maralal road or through the Isiolo-Maralal road. The route I used was the Rumuruti-Maralal one which was quite an adventure. The tarmac ends at Rumuruti town and so the rest of the journey is on a rough road that has its good sections,…

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Suguta Mar Mar

This is one of the last small towns on the Rumururi- Maralal road. Suguta is small and dusty (there is no tarmac) with the road running through its center. The surrounding land is mostly marshy, but beautiful with lush long green grass and huge acacia trees.    Since it’s a small town, the only financial…

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