Ethiopian Food at Kakuma

Some of the best Ethiopian food I have ever had was in Kakuma Refugee Camp. This is one of the largest refugee camps in Kenya- second to Daadab I think (I stand corrected on this). It is home to several nationalities such as Somali, Ethiopia, Uganda, Djibouti, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan and Congo and these…

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No more good cake

This is regards to a blog post I made on this previous post. I went back to Valley Coffee Shake and their cakes have gone through a makeover like bad plastic surgery. They are no longer the moist, delicious pastries that they were, they have been replaced by some moisture deprived forms of pastries. The…

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Best Red Velvet cake in Nairobi!

It is official, I found the place with the most tasty black forest, blue berry and white forest cake, but I could really care less- thats not my type of cake. But here is the breaking news. For the few who know my epicurious side and understand the sweet-tooth side of it, they know that…

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Coast Dishes and Pastries- awesome cheap food in Voi!

My friends and I were super hungry, hot (the heat in Voi is not for the faint hearted) and dusty and looking for somewhere to eat in Voi Town and in true traveller fashion we stumbled upon this place as we went around town. It is a restaurant that specializes in various Kenyan dishes. What…

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Hamdi Restaurant

The other day I got a lunch invite from one of my girlfriends to go eat Somali food at Hamdi. Being the foodie that I am I was game! Hamdi is in the Nairobi CBD, on Kaunda Street at Town House right behind 20th Century Plaza. The place is clean with lots of light and…

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Burger & Fries

Java Nakuru

Stopped by for lunch expecting better service than what I have been encountering from the Javas in Nairobi. Ordered for the coconut fish with rice and what I got after waiting 15minutes was a serving of fish that was less than a handful, ton of rice and a bit of salsa. Sigh! After asking what…

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Nova Café

This is a lovely coffee house I found in Eldoret town at a mall whose name I can’t recall. Its advert/sign is one of the first you spot when entering the town and I decided to have a looksee since the sign was attractive. The place did not disappoint. The ambience was pretty cool for…

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This is one of the best nyama choma (roast meat) places ever! And I usually try to pass by for some meat whenever I am travelling on the Nairobi-Nakuru highway. Kikopey is just a couple of kilometers from Nakuru town and it’s one of those roadside- multiple-barbecue joints in one venue commonly found in the…

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Barney's Burger

Barney’s Bar & Restaurant

On the outskirts of Nanyuki town about 20Kms from the Nyeri road route, is a small orange sign with a little plane drawn on it written Barney’s Bar & Restaurant. This is home to the most amazing burgers I have ever had and I always stop by when around Nanyuki.  Barney’s is right next to…

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