Kijabe Hill Hike

I recently had the opportunity to join some experienced hikers on a hike up Kijabe Hill. I had made all the usual beginner questions and was assured that it was an easy climb that take about 6-7 hours and quite suitable for beginners. I should have listened to my gut and not expected it to…

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Maasai Mara

This is one of my favourite destinations because of its tranquility and wealth of wildlife. The first time I ever visited the Mara was for the wildebeest migration and the experience was worth every moment of being there. A friend once visited and watched the migration describing it as ‘an experience that cannot be explained,…

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AA Lodge Mara

AA Lodge Mara is accessible from the Sekenani Main Gate and it is quite a retreat. The staff are really nice and the service exemplary. AA Lodge Mara is a tented camp with various packages available for guests and the rates For more information, visit their website on www.aalodges.com

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ice cream

Namanga woes

I worked in Namanga for a couple of weeks and the place is a bit depressing. For those wondering where it is, Namanga is a boarder town on the Kenya Tanzania Boarder. It is a big town where everything shuts down at 10 p.m. except for a couple of 24 hr shops for the late…

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Mt Longonot Hiking Trail

This is one of the mountains found in the Kenyan part of the Rift Valley. It is near Lake Naivasha and its height is 2,776 meters/ 9,108 ft.     When I signed up to go for the hike no one told me how hard it was going to be. First of all the sun…

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Italian POW Church

On the Nairobi- Maai Mahiu highway, there is a small colonial looking church at the foot of one of the many hills that the road curves across. This church was built by the Italian POWs in Kenya during World War 2. I do not know the history behind its construction as it was empty when…

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Nova Café

This is a lovely coffee house I found in Eldoret town at a mall whose name I can’t recall. Its advert/sign is one of the first you spot when entering the town and I decided to have a looksee since the sign was attractive. The place did not disappoint. The ambience was pretty cool for…

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This is one of the best nyama choma (roast meat) places ever! And I usually try to pass by for some meat whenever I am travelling on the Nairobi-Nakuru highway. Kikopey is just a couple of kilometers from Nakuru town and it’s one of those roadside- multiple-barbecue joints in one venue commonly found in the…

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Curios at View Point

View Point

This is a stop-over for folks travelling on the Nairobi-Nakuru highway and not through the Maai Mahiu route (the View Point there is not as impressive view-wise). You can’t miss the place; lots of curio shops, the ‘view point’ itself and a restaurant.        From the View Point you are able to see…

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