Camp Ndunda Falls

This place is a hidden gem in Embu County which I think will be quite popular in the next 3-5 years if they do a good job of marketing the place. Camp Ndunda is about 30 minutes from Embu Town and the owners need to do a better job of putting up signage to the place because I got lost twice while heading there!

Coming from Embu Town center and heading towards the County Hospital, turn to your left at the junction and keep riving on that road- don’t turn anywhere, just keep going down that road till you get to the end of the tarmac (I do hope the county government paves the road all the way someday!), cross over the little bridge where the stream is and keep going straight on that road till you see the signs- Camp Ndunda Falls. It took getting lost twice and pestering locals and cops at a police roadblock for directions to get there since the place had not even been added on Google Maps which I had to do. The signage had been put up meters from the venue which I found to be a waste of money to be honest!
The staff are quite friendly and the place was full of young campers there that weekend. The camp has expansive grounds with bandas and tents, a cultural village, forest canopy walk which swayed a bit too much for my liking, a short zip line, picnic site near the river and waterfall, hiking and they also do events on the grounds. Entrance to the place is Kshs. 500, I was unable to get the pricing for the other activities and to top this off Camp Ndunda does not have a website so you would have to call the place via +254 724 493800 to get the information.






One thing that pissed me off was how campers had littered the forest with plastic bottles and beer cans, the management should have some bins throughout the hiking route and notices prohibiting folks from littering (a disgusting habit some people consider to be normal!).












If you’re in Embu its a sure place to visit to pass time over the weekend especially as a group.

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