Esiankiki Night

I saw the event ad on social media and it was meant to be about ‘female empowerment and raising awareness against FGM’ plus I would finally get a chance to stuff myself with nyama choma and mnono while getting to learn about the Mr’s culture plus get all decked out in my cute Maasai dress courtesy of my mum in law! So I was psyched!


So you can imagine my surprise when I got to Carnivore and all I could see on the stage was men, more men and more men (and a random woman on the mic once in a while).

And all that was discussed was politics, politics and more politics which I could tell even with my 5 words of Maasai and more politics and nothing whatsoever about ‘female empowerment and raising awareness against FGM’. Plus by the time the Mr and I got there, the nyama choma and mnono were over because Carnivore ‘did not want to make too much meat that may not get finished up’.

All I could think was: this is a Maasai event with no meat- kill me now!!!!
It was a major disappointment for me.

The only thing that livened it up other than the existence of muratina, was the brief bursts of entertainment from the Maa Morans who were awesome (and there would be one or two women somewhere in the background on the stage once in a while).


The organisers should either try sort out what the event is meant to be about if they want to do it again or just drop the theme and not make people spend money on false expectations.

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