Safaricom Jazz Festival 2015

Yes I know this post is late, considering the event happened about two weekends ago at the Ngong Race Course.

It was well planned in terms of the performance who were all worth all the hustle of getting there (traffic on Ngong road that day was the definition of abysmal and so getting there was quite a task) and leaving (yes the traffic was still a hot mess, it took me an hour and a half to get from the venue to the main road).


The food vendors were too few, ridiculously expensive (I had to part with Kshs 500 for a drumstick and two small potato wedges) and constantly ran out of food making getting something to eat at the venue a hot mess! This really affected folks trying to get their kids something to nibble on. This is in addition to the confused security staff at the gates who divided entrance to males and females and proceeded to painfully go through tickets and let folks in. These were the annoying bits about the gig.

Swahili Jazz Band, Jimmy Dludlu, Isiah Katumwa and Jonathan Butler were amazing! I found it hilarious when some of the people there started asking why Jonathan Butler was singing gospel songs (considering hes been doing it throughout his career!) and it just made me realize jazz is not for everyone- whether its gospel or secular.
While embassies had their tents there seriously marketing their countries for business and travel destinations, (the Uganda Embassy even had free Waragi shots on offer!) the Nairobi County tent was just a bore, devoid of any marketing material and manned by some bored looking staff who only gave out info on how to get a business license. An epic fail on their part considering the opportunity they had at the even to market the county.

And before I forget, a big thank you to the folks at the Martini tent for the free martinis and kudos to Safaricom for a great lineup!

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