Ethiopian Food at Kakuma

Some of the best Ethiopian food I have ever had was in Kakuma Refugee Camp. This is one of the largest refugee camps in Kenya- second to Daadab I think (I stand corrected on this). It is home to several nationalities such as Somali, Ethiopia, Uganda, Djibouti, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan and Congo and these are the ones that I encountered so I am sure there are more. I also wondered what all the millions of dollars that have been poured into that camp have been used for because folks there were telling me that some of the food aid is sold in Kakuma town and most NGOs only come to take pictures of people and are rarely seen or heard about- hmmmmm.

I found it interesting how the camp is a large town on its own which even has a cemetery and when you go looking for something there; simply mention what it is and you will be directed to the part of the camp which has refugees specializing in its supply. For example if you want to change foreign currency or buy things at wholesale prices, you will be directed to the Somali quarter, if you want to get good tailors or fabric the Congolese or Burundian quarter and the list is endless!

So you can imagine my surprise when someone suggested we go eat Ethiopian food- which I least expected because my diet in Turkana only consisted of meat, ugali and kale (eat anything else and you are guaranteed to have food poisoning as a non-local) so this was some really good news for me!
Do not ask me for directions on how to get there because I do not remember all the mazes- but use the one I just recommended, ask for the directions to the Ethiopian food quarter and you will be directed there.


There are two great places one is called Africana which is slightly posh (where all the NGO staff go to eat) and by that I mean painted walls, lots of seating space and many waiters and the other one that I preferred which was less crowded, had better food (which unfortunately took forever to arrive) and really friendly staff (all 5 of them).
Suffice to say this was one of my few good experiences in Kakuma and I would recommend you to try out when there. Be warned though, hygiene at the camp is a bit of an issue due to the overcrowding so make sure you have wipes and hand sanitizer in hand to clean up before and after eating- drink bottled water or soda only and do not eat there if you have a sensitive stomach.


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