Fly 540 Escapade

On the 31st of December 2014 11:00 am I was in Lokichiggio and was excited by the fact that I would be heading back to Nairobi that evening in time to spend the new year crossover with loved ones in an inebriated state somewhere load and fun.

My flight was scheduled to leave Lodwar (which was four hours away) at 4 pm meaning I would be in Nairobi by 5:30 pm and after that I would happily start on my shenanigans of ushering in the new year. Fast forward to 3;30 pm as I was approaching the Lodwar airport and got a call from the travel agent informing me that Fly 540 had just cancelled the flight and that all passengers would have to wait until the next morning for the next flight!

I did not take it seriously till I got to the airport and found the gate padlocked with a bemused guard gleefully and I insist gleefully informing all who came about the cancelled flight! I was pissed, really pissed, but not as pissed as some of the other folks there who looked like they were about to throttle the guard. Finally sense prevailed and we went to the Fly 540 office where we encountered the worst customer service from some unkempt chap called Moses who looked like he had collected himself from a ditch somewhere after a rough night out and come straight to work. The only thing that would have made him look like a F 540 employee was the logo on his safety jacket. I kid you not, I would not have believed the guy worked for the airline if he was not in that office.

So Moses feeling some level of importance over our helpless situation just told us to leave his office since there was nothing to be done and be ready for the flight the next morning at 7 am after which we would be reimbursed for our accommodation for that evening.

Fast forward through the hard time getting accommodation and lousy new year’s eve parting in Lodwar and losing out on the money spent on making reservations in Nairobi to being at the airport at 7 am to find out that the flight would be landing an hour later from Moses. I could not even deal with the level of incompetence from the airline at that point! I keep wondering if Fly 540 would have given a damn if some of the stranded passengers had small kids which I highly doubt!

Suffice to say its 2016 and I am yet to receive any reimbursement from the airline plus I keep hearing stories about similar things happening to passengers on that route so it has become a habit for them and I am sure Moses is still the rudest person they have in their Lodwar office. My advice if you’re going to Lodwar, use another airline.

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