Peculiar Hotel Room Names

In Kakuma I noticed the most peculiar names written above some of the hotel room doors as I was looking for a place to stay (and believe me these places were not summer camps!). So I took pictures of some before some hotel staff curtly asked me to stop, and I had to because if…

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I have been quiet for a while and I apologize to all of you who have been giving me grief about not posting anything. Reason for the silence has been tons of work, travel and study related commitments, but I will be posting stuff from now on so no more silence Here are some pictures…

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No more good cake

This is regards to a blog post I made on this previous post. I went back to Valley Coffee Shake and their cakes have gone through a makeover like bad plastic surgery. They are no longer the moist, delicious pastries that they were, they have been replaced by some moisture deprived forms of pastries. The…

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Spoilt Giraffe!

I went to AFEW in Karen and encountered what I consider to be the most spoilt giraffes in the world! AFEW is a giraffe sanctuary located in Karen and it has a population of about 9 adult giraffes and two young ones (this may have changed since I was there) and the thing is they…

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This is one place I am definitely not seeing myself going back to unless I have no other alternative. The reason why? Bedbugs! Mariakani is a small vibrant trucking town that is about 38Kms from Mombasa. Its a really busy place thanks to the Mariakani Weighbridge that has trucks passing through from all parts of…

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Meru 2

After freshening up we did a farm tour at my friend’s home and it was super fun, considering us city folks had not even carried wellingtons and were busy traipsing up and down farm land on a slope with some muddy spots because of the streams running through it. Learning about animal husbandry and what…

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A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go on a road trip to Meru using the Nanyuki route. I was pretty psyched up for it as I have only been to the place for work and really had no time to see any sites and then I had used the Embu route which…

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Lake Victoria 2


One of the best things about being a sociologist is the traveling that I get to do. I came across pictures I took during a study I was doing in Mwanza, Tanzania. I have been to other parts of Tanzania mostly Arusha and Dar es Salaam during road trips, but not on the Lake Victoria…

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County Tourism

I am impressed with the way different counties across the country are coming up with different tourism initiatives although this is God knows how many years late! From Machakos county government planning on 4 more additional parks to the now successful Machakos People’s Park that hosted thousands during the Hakuna Matata Festival to Kisii County’s…

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