My amazing friend Gaure Mdee trained and climbed Mt Kilimanjaro- mad respect for that, it is no small feat (to me he is now a badass of sorts)! He was also awesome enough to send me loads of pictures on the climb, I hope they inspire me to do the climb one day!

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Nice place to see elephants

Voi Wildlife Lodge which is a few kilometers from Voi town is one of the best places to spot elephants- from sunset (these two words were the crucial ones that everyone in Voi forgot to add). And so you can imagine how excited I was heading there thinking I would see a whole heard as…

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Enough with this isht!

As a Nairobian, I am increasingly getting annoyed, irritated and pissed off by the insane and unnecessary high cost of living in this god forsaken city! Government as always is doing nothing for the people and as a result nothing ever works! Why this pisses me off? I pay taxes for everything these days- food,…

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Karura Forest Waterfall

A couple of days ago my friends and I went for a fun picnic at Karura Forest and after that a stroll through one of the trails to see the waterfall.   Karura Forest is one of the few beautiful public green spaces left in Nairobi, thanks to Environmentalist and Nobel Laureate Prof. Wangari Maathai’s…

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Tusker Air Show Festival

After a 10year hiatus, the Air Show Festival took place this past weekend and I had been looking forward to it ever since it was announced a few months back. The venue was the Wilson Airport in Langata and as you can imagine the traffic throughout the weekend on Langata Road was a nightmare because…

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Kenyatta International Convention Center

Previously known as Kenyatta International Conference Center (and it still is in the minds of many Kenyans) and more popularly known as KICC, it is located in the CBD and is easily recognizable for those unfamiliar with the place, so getting there is easy- if you’re getting directions from someone or using Google Maps. The…

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Joburg street art

I took a couple of pictures while I use to walk around in circles in Johannesburg of some graffiti that I would come across on the street. I was not able to take pictures of them most of the time that I would encounter them, but here are a few of some that I took…

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ice cream

Namanga woes

I worked in Namanga for a couple of weeks and the place is a bit depressing. For those wondering where it is, Namanga is a boarder town on the Kenya Tanzania Boarder. It is a big town where everything shuts down at 10 p.m. except for a couple of 24 hr shops for the late…

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Best Red Velvet cake in Nairobi!

It is official, I found the place with the most tasty black forest, blue berry and white forest cake, but I could really care less- thats not my type of cake. But here is the breaking news. For the few who know my epicurious side and understand the sweet-tooth side of it, they know that…

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