Namanga woes

I worked in Namanga for a couple of weeks and the place is a bit depressing. For those wondering where it is, Namanga is a boarder town on the Kenya Tanzania Boarder.

It is a big town where everything shuts down at 10 p.m. except for a couple of 24 hr shops for the late night/early morning travelers across the boarder. The town has grown in recent years thanks to the construction of the Kajiado-Namanga road as well as the town now getting an overhaul of sorts as an East Africa Community Boarder post.

Back to the story, I was there for work and at one point had had a long day and all I wanted was to spoil myself a little with some ice-cream. Imagine my shock when I went to all the shops, restaurants and supermarkets in the place and none had any!


For those who think its a petty grievance, please have a seat and know that when a girl wants her ice-cream, she wants it and nothing else can compensate!

ice cream

So the reason for the whole pace not having ice-cream was because of the frequent blackouts and on every Thursday, Kenya Power and Lighting Company (the government parastatal tasked with providing power for Kenyans, but has to be the worst performing parastatal in service delivery in my opinion as long as many other Kenyans) decided that Namanga and Kajiado residents do not need power for the whole day! And so from 9 am till about 6 p.m there is no power in the place. As a result, shop keepers cannot risk selling products that can quickly go bad as refrigeration would be pointless.

So thanks to KPLC’s incompetence, there is no ice-cream in Namanga. So if you are going there anytime soon, now you know.

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