Port Victoria

On this particular trip, I was visiting Funyula for the very first time- a place with amazing warm people and some of the best food I have ever eaten! What surprised me was how youthful everyone looked and aging seemed nonexistent especially with the generation in their 70s and above. When I asked what secret to the local fountain of youth was, I was informed deadpan by everyone- it’s all about the quality of chang’aa they drink! I was in stitches, for those of you who don’t know- chang’aa is moonshine and in this case moonshine made from millet- that stuff smelt potent!


I digress, my hosts had told me that we were quite near the lake and suggested we go there since it was a 30-40 minute drive from Samia Resort where I was staying. It was a late drive so we got there in time for a beautiful sunset and just in time to see the last catch of the day- some of the biggest Nile Perch/Mbuta that I had ever seen in my life to amusement of everyone when I said this out loud. They told me that these were the smaller ones, I do hope they were joking as these fish were massive!






I also noticed that some of the cold storage factories next to the lake were releasing effluent directly into the lake making me wonder if health inspections or environmental inspections have ever been carried out in the place.The place has massive potential for tourism- boat rides, jet skis, sport fishing and the like, not sure this will ever come to pass with county devolution, but it would be a major income earner for the place.


All in all I enjoyed the sunset, it was too late to take a boat ride so maybe next time I am there will take one.

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